Details on person of interest in Amber Alert case By Bill Graveland, The Canadian Press discount michael kors CALGARY A man identified as a person of interest in the mysterious disappearance of a Calgary child and his grandparents has been described in past court documents as intelligent but troubled. Douglas Garland has Christian Louboutin Replica been named in local media reports as the man police took into custody Saturday for questioning in the disappearance of five year old Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents Alvin chi flat irons and Kathy Liknes. They have been missing since June 29. Police said the man was released Sunday, but is still a person of interest in their investigation. cheap gucci However Garland, 54, is now in custody charged with identity theft in an unrelated case. He appeared in court briefly Monday on closed circuit video and a judge adjourned the matter until a bail hearing Wednesday. The balding man cheap wholesale michael kors was dressed in a blue jumpsuit and told a judge he had Michael Kors outlet not yet hired a lawyer. Nathan’s father, Rod O’Brien, was in court for the appearance. When asked if he knows of a connection between his family wholesale cheap michael kors and Garland’s, he said, "I do. But I’m not going to comment today." Rod O’Brien appeared with his wife last week in front of cameras,
4 Recipes That Came From The Mind Of A Child Taste Tested When my friends and I hit peak boredom on stormy summer days in our youth, we would head to the kitchen and pour random items into a bowl. Pickle juice, milk, cumin, christian louboutin replica hot sauce, apple juice, tomato sauce, black pepper it all went in. We would take turns taking sips of it, fully knowing it was going to be a liquid nightmare. The point of it wasn’t to make something disgusting. It was to stumble upon something delicious. That never panned out. The idea of piling a ton of foods on top of each other and hoping for the best stuck with me. I continued to dream of big, stupid, and, no doubt, horrifying food monsters that fingers crossed wholesale handbags might be incredible in spite of their grotesqueness. But, for whatever reason (probably sanity), I never made them. The idea of the Fruit Chew Burrito popped into people’s heads all around the world at about the same time. No one can take credit for coming up with the idea of wrapping Fruit Gushers in a sugary tortilla of Fruit Roll Ups and Fruit By The Foot, just as no one person can louboutin replica take credit for dipping Wendy’s french fries into a Frosty, even though I’m pretty sure I invented it in August of 2002
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